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Equipment Placement

There are huge numbers of hot and cold beverage equipment products to choose from. Even when the equipment is provided free with the product, there are many important decisions to be made.

First, nothing is FREE. There are three separate costs that must be allocated: Product, Equipment, and Service. When equipment and service are Free, the costs are built into the product you purchase for your facility, store, hotel, resort, casino, stadium, or even airline. Contracts can be written for any combination or all three.

The units offered may not be as suitable as another unit. The number and type of units provided may reflect on the quality of the presentation and your costs. Both impact your sales and margins. I have witnessed suppliers both over and under equip decision makers to get the account. I have witnessed clients make excessive demands on suppliers for equipment and get it based solely on a need for "the deal." This only adds to the hidden costs and lowers product quality. Our experience and expertise covers the end product from selection to application to the consumer. We have extensive experience on both sides of the negotiating table and understand what is needed for successes.

I have evaluated properties and made equipment recommendations for coast to coast chains, foodservice groups, hotels, resorts, stadiums, convention centers, etc. These reviews cover feasibility, placement, and training with the best product on the table as the goal.

A large property is done in several passes. The first pass is used to determine the wants and needs of the director of Food and Beverage. The second pass is with maintenance and is used to reveal any limitations of the space, locations, or utilities. The third pass, if possible, is used to observe operators and to reflect on the overall operation while watching existing practices unfold. All three steps are compiled to provide an articulate proposal, again with the focus on providing a quality beverage for your consumers.

A small property or coffee shop can be simultaneously examined and trained in less than 2 hours on average. These visits can be very insightful, entertaining, and enlightening.