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Part 5: BMG Holdings LLC

I left FETCO to pursue my own concepts and inventions. I started BMG Holdings LLC in 1997 with 2 patents. My heating device patent was licensed to Wells Bloomfield. That device is now in most KFC stores as the most functionally efficient water heater ever seen. Although expensive to produce, the unit saves enough in energy over competitive units to pay for itself in 2 years. Wells Bloomfield has had exclusive rights to this device for the last 6 years. As of May 27th, 2005 the unit will be available to other manufacturers through my company. It is UL and NSF approved.

In addition to the concept and patent I provided Wells Bloomfield with continued support. I did the AutoCAD sheet metal drawings for the first prototypes. I assembled the prototypes in my own facility. I traveled all over the country for Wells Bloomfield installing and tracking test units for Tricon and others. I practically slept at the manufacturer, producing the first Hot Rock samples, V&F Transformer providing constant guidance. V&F of course had never seen anything like it. They were eventually accepted as the production house. I spent equal time at the circuit board manufacturers, working with programmers and engineers struggling to power the new device. They also had never seen anything like it. I chose the board manufacturer based on my experience with one of their engineers, Dave Matkowski. I knew Dave was up to the challenge. I think few people fully understand it yet today. I worked with U.L. to develop test parameters as they had never seen anything like it. NSF helped me find the material I needed to meet their approval. They didn't have to help, but the guy was excited about the device and wanted to see it work.

Unique iterations of the Hot Rock were developed or explored. A hot/cold buffet table that could freeze water into ice and then boil it in less than an hour was built and tested. It worked flawlessly but lost favor due to lack of an anchor customer.

Steam generators were also developed and tested and met the same demise as the buffet table.

A sudden regime change from top to bottom ended my consulting with Wells Bloomfield.

In addition to the HOT Rock, over the last eight years I have done a nearly endless string of consulting jobs. I believe I have seen, inside and out, every significant hot or cold beverage machine sold in America in just the last 2 years. My clients are the top Companies in Foodservice Beverage and Equipment Service.

I hope my current sales efforts are what brought you to this site. I have left out a large number of stories. The factories I've inspected and toured both European and domestic. The trips to places exotic and lame, specifying equipment. The countless trade shows attended, exhibited in, and set up coast to coast are mostly forgettable. The rare 1941 Ford delivery truck I restored to Continental Coffee Company specifications of the era. Complete with ugly green and brown paint, (coffee beans before and after roasting) raised metal letters, 4mpg and a flat head V-8. My regrettable years on the technical standards committee of the SCAA. The hundreds of friends, allies, and enemies I've made over the years.

The machines and concepts that I can take credit for, but never did. And most of the prototype products I constructed for clients.

The exact nature of most of my consulting is proprietary to my clients and can't be divulged. The experience this consulting has given me, is of course available to new clients.

My business is successful because of one trait. I can make your company more successful in the beverage marketplace.

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